Powys Boarding School For Dogs

The 'Eton College' of the Dog World

Powys Boarding Kennels

Unlike ordinary boarding kennels, your canine friend is not locked up for most of the day, thus avoiding boredom, stress, anxiety and even trauma. As a Boarding Kennels, we are not motivated by money and profit, instead we're motivated by our passion for dogs.

When we see a dog, we do not see £££'....we see a dog and every dog is treated as if it were our own. To us, looking after dogs is a 'Way of Life'.

Our boarding kennel's have outdoor training and walking areas consisting of over 50 acres of meadow, pasture and woodlands (the woodlands walk being approximately 1 mile long).

Your dog will experience a most memorable time of fun and activities during their stay with us, whether it be single day, week or even a month. There are no bored dogs at Powys Boarding Kennels.

We also offer "Day Care" for those unexpected emergencies.

  • Fees similar to ordinary boarding kennels
  • Heated Kennel Blocks
  • Open All Year (Including Christmas & New Year)
  • Dogs under supervision at all times whilst out
  • Dogs taught manners at meal times (must wait for the OK command before they can start to eat)
  • Medication including insulin injections administered at no extra cost
  • Special dietary requirements cater for and administered
  • Vaccinated Dogs Only
  • Fully Insured (Also Veterinary cover for emergencies)

Morning Activities

07:00  Toileted and Walked
08:00  Breakfast
08:45  Exercise within our 70 acres, reinforcement of basic obedience (where previously trained)
12:00  Rest time

Afternoon Activities

14:00  Similar to morning activities

17:00  Last toilet and walk of the day

18:00  Evening Meal

19:00  Lights Out (bedtime)


Whilst your dog(s) are in residence with us, they're given unadulterated, fresh, pure well water, drawn from our own private source which is uncontaminated with chemicals such as Fluoride, Chloride and Aluminium. We appreciate that the average household hasn't got access to pure water but whilst your canine friend is with us, it's a case of nothing but the best will do.

Any inspection is welcome by appointment. Worried about leaving your canine friend, first time away? Why not come and have a friendly talk with tea and biscuits.

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