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To request a booking you can use the Request a Booking form here or alternatively give Chris a call on 01938 570159.

Find​ Us

If coming from Welshpool on the A458 to Shrewsbury road, you'll find us on the left just before the S-bend over the main railway line. and before you enter the village of Trewern. 

CAUTION: Powys Boarding Kennels is accessed via a level crossing

Upon arriving at Powys Boarding Kennels you must follow the National Rail signage to safely operate the level crossing. In summary;

  1. Stop and park your vehicle leaving enough room to open the gate (opens outwards).
  2. Open the first gate and secure.
  3. Open the yellow phone box and pick up the receiver.
  4. Request permission to cross 'Smiths Lower Cefn' and inform the operator of type of vehicle and time required to cross..
  5. If permission is granted open and secure the second gate.
  6. Return to your vehicle and cross the line.
  7. Close and secure both gates immediately.

NB: National Rail monitor the crossing with CCTV 24/7. Failure to operate correctly could result in a fine of up to £1000.00. Powys Boarding Kennels accepts no liability resulting from user negligence.