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Terms and Conditions of Boarding

1. Booking / Payment / Cancellations

1.1. In order to reserve a place for your dog(s) a completed Booking Form and Deposit must be received prior to any booking being confirmed by Powys Boarding Kennels. Unfortunately, a place cannot be held until both are received.

1.2. A £10 Deposit is required to confirm any booking. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, under any circumstances, and is offset against administration. All remaining Fees are payable in full upon ARRIVAL.

1.3. Fees (as advertised on our website) are per Day and include both Arrival & Departure Dates. However, if Collection is made by 09:00am on Check-Out day, then no Fee will be charged.

1.4. Dogs arriving late will be charged from the original date of booking unless otherwise agreed with Powys Boarding Kennels in advance.

1.5 Cancellations must be notified within 48 hours of the original check-in date otherwise the Owner is liable to pay 50% of the total agreed booking.

1.6 During Peak Season (July-September) Powys Boarding Kennels operates a minimum 2-day stay policy.

2. Drop Off / Collection

2.1. Your dog(s) pen will be available from opening on day of arrival and until closing on day of departure. We are open 365 days a year - specific opening times on any given weekday can be found on our website.

2.2. Out of hours drop offs and collections incur a fee of £10.00.

2.3. Powys Boarding Kennels is accessed via a railway crossing. It is the Owner’s responsibility to adhere to statutory requirements when using a National Rail crossing. All users must use the phones provided to ensure the line is clear. Powys Boarding Kennels accepts no risk or liability for owners misuse of the crossing.

2.4. On arrival your dog(s) must remain in your vehicle until your dog has be registered if staying with us for the first time,, or details checked for any updates. Information required as follows;

  • Full name, address, contact details (owners and nominated other)
  • Registered vet details
  • Food / dietary requirements
  • Vaccination certificate check
  • Any special requirements

2.5. If travelling outside the UK Powys Boarding Kennels requires the Owner to provide a UK based nominated person to act on the Owners behalf in the event of an emergency.

2.6 Powys Boarding Kennel staff will then take your dog(s), on a lead, into the kennel block. Unfortunately, Owners are not permitted into the kennel blocks due to insurance and health & safety reasons.

2.7. Under all circumstances dogs must remain on a lead when on Powys Boarding Kennels’ property. Powys Boarding Kennels cannot accept any risk or liability should this not be adhered.

2..8 Powys Boarding Kennels provides a dry complete dog food whilst your dog is staying with us. if your dog has special dietary requirements you're more than welcome to bring their normal food from home for use during their stay..

2.9 Owners are welcome to bring 1 item of bedding and 1 toy per dog which will be logged at check-in. Please note that Powys Boarding Kennels accepts no liability should either item become lost or damaged. NB: any heavily soiled items will be disposed of due to health and hygiene reasons.

3. Vaccinations / Inoculations

3.1 To board at Powys Boarding Kennels all dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations against; Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza, Leptospirosis.  A veterinarians certificate/receipt must be shown on check-in.

3.2 Powys Boarding Kennels also requires dogs to be vaccinated against kennel cough (Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis) at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Whilst we recognise the kennel cough vaccine is not 100% effective, studies have shown it to reduce instances of coughing by up to 81.9%.

3.3 All dogs should be treated for worms and fleas seven days prior to check-in. 

4. Temperament / Health

4.1 All dogs must be fit and in good general health to board at Powys Boarding Kennels.

4.2 Should your dog have a pre-existing condition you must contact Powys Boarding Kennels in advance to discuss suitability/requirements for boarding.

4.3 It is the Owners responsibility to notify Powys Boarding Kennels should their dog be known to be aggressive towards humans or other dogs

4.4 .Any dog showing signs of disease or aggressive tendencies will be turned away at arrival.

4.5 Powys Boarding Kennels' holds full insurance cover for dogs staying with us through Pet Plan.

4.6 Should any dog exhibit ill health during their stay, Powys Boarding Kennels will contact the owner (or nominated UK representative) immediately. Powys Boarding Kennels reserves the right to call for a veterinary surgeon where deemed necessary and at our sole discretion. Any associated fee will be the responsibility of the Owner.

4.7 Should any dog be found to be hosting fleas or worms during their stay then Powys Boarding Kennels reserves the right to administer over the counter treatments. The Owner will at the time of Check-out be liable for any cost associated with treatment and reasonable costs associated with disinfecting the surrounding environment.

4.8 In relation to 4.6, the effected dog will be moved to our isolation block to ensure the health of other dogs in residence.. The Owner (or nominated UK contact) will be contacted to collect the dog within 24 hours.

4.8 Powys Boarding Kennels can accept no liability for injury or escape resulting from your dogs behaviour.

5. Website

5.1. From time to time we may take photographs of the kennels and dogs boarding with us to use as promotional material and on our website.

6. Data

6.1 We retain essential client data, for a period of 3 years from your last stay. 

6.2 Powys Boarding Kennels will not share or transfer any client data to any third party (unless legally obliged to do so).

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 In the unusual event that a dog is not collected within 14 days of the confirmed Check-Out date, and following attempts to contact / trace the Owner, Powys Boarding Kennels will assume the dog has been abandoned and commence legal proceedings.

7.2 Any lost property will be retained for a period of 4 weeks prior to being disposed.